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All About Paytrust

No one likes paying bills, so we've made the process extremely fast and easy. With Paytrust you can receive, review, pay and organize all your bills online. Imagine no more checks to write. No more stamps to buy or bills to mail. No more missed payments or late fees. Unless you can receive all of your bills online, you haven't found a better way to pay your bills!

With Paytrust you can:

Receive and review all your bills online. Each bill you designate will arrive securely online in your password-protected Bill Center. Paytrust delivers a compelling consumer experience that is truly better than your mailbox. Unlike a bill pay service, Paytrust combines both electronic and paper bills so that you can literally receive 100% of your bills online today!

Maintain complete control. You decide who to pay, how much and when - as well as from which bank account(s). Choose to manually authorize each payment or set up automatic or recurring payment rules.

Pay anyone. Make fast, easy payments to someone who doesn't normally send you a bill (like the baby-sitter, gardener or a friend).

Use any bank. Use any bank or brokerage account with check-writing privileges. Set up multiple payment accounts to pay different bills from different accounts.

Keep track of your records. Every bill is stored securely online for a full year, and offline for up to 8 years. At the end of each year, you can purchase a CD-ROM with all of your bill images from the past year. Easily export your information into Quicken®, Microsoft® Money or Excel.

Avoid missing due dates and incurring late fees. When a bill arrives, Paytrust will email you. We'll even remind you when a bill is coming due or if a bill you normally receive has not arrived. With Paytrust all of your bills can arrive online so you don't have to worry about watching your mailbox, collecting your bills on the kitchen table and remembering to make a payment.

Avoid the inherent problems sometimes associated with bill pay services. With bill pay-only services, you have to go online and type out payment instructions for each bill. You're still required to track and manage all of the paper bills that come to your house. But Paytrust truly removes the burden of handling monthly bill payments by receiving your bills and managing the process online. And Paytrust allows you to make payments to anyone - even someone who doesn't normally send you a bill. So you can have fewer headaches, fewer worries and a lot more free time.

Track the status of your finances. See when a bill arrived and when it was paid. Run complete reports by payee, category, date or amount. The Personal Notes feature allows you to attach comments or reminders to any payment for your own future reference.

Get help with your account. Our highly trained team of client support representatives is available to assist you 7 days a week via phone and email.

Manage your small business' finances. Paytrust offers a special Small Business Edition especially designed for the needs of Small Business owners.

Join today and see why more people have chosen Paytrust than any other bill management service.

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